Saturday, June 13, 2009

Joel McHale is so Meaty...

We went to A-Brave-Anal hall to see the one and only, Joel McHale. He is really funny!! Of course he made fun of Celebrity's which is always funny. He talked about his son and how he can't decide if his son is brilliant or a retard. He kills me.

We waited in line after the show to meet Mr. McHale. Manda and I went to the bathroom cause we figured Joel was already at the front of the line. We came out of the bathroom and took our place at the very end of the very long line. I bent over to tie my shoe and who should walk by me...JOEL MCHALE. I said, "Oh Hey!" He says, Oh Hey" as he looks at me rather strangely. Then, he reaches his hand out and pushed me over! It was pretty funny.
We waited in line for over an hour. Finally, we got to Joel and he signed our shirts we had purchased. Manda and I both got the "Creepy Flesh Colored Beard" t-shirt. I asked Joel to draw Spencer's face on mine and he wrote, "That's the problem"....he's funny. We tired to get Joel to put out the vibe with us but he clearly doesn't know what that is....

It was a great night and now we can watch, "The Soup", knowing that Joel McHale has pushed me over.

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