Saturday, June 13, 2009

Joel McHale is so Meaty...

We went to A-Brave-Anal hall to see the one and only, Joel McHale. He is really funny!! Of course he made fun of Celebrity's which is always funny. He talked about his son and how he can't decide if his son is brilliant or a retard. He kills me.

We waited in line after the show to meet Mr. McHale. Manda and I went to the bathroom cause we figured Joel was already at the front of the line. We came out of the bathroom and took our place at the very end of the very long line. I bent over to tie my shoe and who should walk by me...JOEL MCHALE. I said, "Oh Hey!" He says, Oh Hey" as he looks at me rather strangely. Then, he reaches his hand out and pushed me over! It was pretty funny.
We waited in line for over an hour. Finally, we got to Joel and he signed our shirts we had purchased. Manda and I both got the "Creepy Flesh Colored Beard" t-shirt. I asked Joel to draw Spencer's face on mine and he wrote, "That's the problem"....he's funny. We tired to get Joel to put out the vibe with us but he clearly doesn't know what that is....

It was a great night and now we can watch, "The Soup", knowing that Joel McHale has pushed me over.

AHHHHHHHH Kelly Clarkson!

Um, yeah. She is amazing. I don't even have the appropriate words to express her awesomeness anymore. I got to the Brent Brown Auto Park at 10 a.m. so I could be first in line. I totally was.

We waited ALL day long. It rained twice, like a lot. Good thing I had come prepared with snacks, a beach umbrella and chairs. We got pretty wet but it was so worth it.

We met new friends, Taylor and Melissa. They drove from Colorado Springs for the concert and they were with us the whole day. We got to be on the front row together rocking out the whole time. I won a VIP pass from the radio in a dance off. I'll do anything for Kelly. :)

The concert finally started and we had to sit through the UVU's Got Talent competition and I use competition loosely. Most of the acts were pure garbage but the band that won totally deserved it. They are called the Imagine Dragons and I recommend you check them out. There is only one song on their myspace page right now but they will be recording this month and new music should be up soon.

This is us with the lead singer!

FINALLY, Kelly came out. It started raining again which was kinda cool because a rainbow came out. It was so beautiful.

Kelly rocked us solid for an hour. There was no encore which was pretty lame but she sang all the songs I wanted her to sing. She probably thinks I'm a handicap but I don't care. I sang all the words, screamed more than I should and even had music sex with her guitar player. Here are a few of the gems from the concert.

I love Kelly. I love her. I wish everyone could have been at the concert. She blows my mind and I only hope I can be half as cool as she is when I perform.

Friday, June 5, 2009

China Grove

So, last night was my first paying gig with "Remedy". We played Christian Covey's birthday party and there were a lot of people there...ignoring us. It was really fun to play with the band though. We got into our own groove and just had a blast. Plus, all the musicians are friggin' good. Seriously, I was so impressed to be playing with such amazing musicians. It really makes me want to start my own band. I should just quit being a wuss and do it. I made more in two hours last night than I do in two days at work. Plus, singing doesn't feel like work. I want to wake up in the morning and know that all I have to do that day is sing. I'm going to get serious about song writing. I know it starts slowly and my songs will suck but I'm tired of not loving my job. So, stay tuned and you can be my guinea pigs. You won't hurt my feelings if you tell me my songs are bad...PLEASE tell me they stink if they do.

Monday, June 1, 2009